We now have a juice bar with green juices and smoothies and green juices made to order starting on Thursdays. All organic is the rule. 

   Some creative breakfasts and lunches will be available if you like and some selections from our menu but, our regular menu is during Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a funday for me, cause creativity is key to good foods.  I'm Karen and the owner of Vibrance art-food-music We are at 4500 Silver Avenue SE. What I love is the variety of flavors and foods we can make using vegetables and seasonings. I love all foods, Asian is a favorite, but with that as a Vegan. I need to make sure no fish sauce etc. 

  We can have coconut curry, and pizza from the menu. We can create a new dish I've made with rice noodles and veggies with a delicious almond butter sauce.

Yum my mouth is watering. Hmm... I'm hungry, lets have fun cooking. Real foods, pure fresh and delicious is all right, perfectly right for me.

I want to add more books about food for our shelves at the front. We had alot more supplements, but now we have zeolite a clay that cleanses out heavy metals in our system, you can add to juice or drinks or mylks. Being vegetarian or vegan more people are leaning for nut milks or seed milks. I love making fresh almond milk or cashew oh my gosh, they are so delicious, and will go wonderful with the buckwheat cereal we make and have out quite often at our buffet at Vibrance. Just one of some dehydrated food. If you want to learn more about dehydration, I can give a class, I used to give classes before I opened my vibrance restaurant. But the large bar sitting space is wonderful for a class during off days or nights. What dehydration is for me. Is yummy delish treats, like the buckwheat cereal, with dates and cinnamon, raisins or other dried fruits added, its a cross between dessert and a crunchy cereal

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