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Karen Hammer

Five 5 Star Restaurants ABQ - Vegetarian - Nob Hill - Albuquerque, New Mexico | Vegan - Gluten Free - Non GMO - Organic 

Five 5 Star Vegetarian Restaurant - Nob Hill - Albuquerque, New Mexico | Vegan - Gluten Free - Non GMO - Organic  

This is a really amazing vegan restaurant, with delicate tastes, inexpensive prices, and outrageous desserts. I will be there at least twice a week for the fresh kombucha, marble cheesecake, and empanada of mushrooms. I have been a vegetarian for 40 years, and am an expert in vegan a food prep. Get this restaurant on the map.

Debbie P. - Albuquerque

My son, who is vegan, "dragged" me here when he was in town.  He lives in LA and has esteem at all the happening restaurants there.  I loved the place!  The actual space is wonderfully calm and I felt as if I had walked into a different universe.

The good was wonderful.  I had the kale salad and a soup that was like a minestrone.  It was all delicious. My husband greatly enjoyed his dinner as did my son. I hope this place gets widely known and is supported by the community.  You must try it.

Patti B. - East Meadow, New York

This is the best vegetarian/vegan/gluten free restaurant in the state!  Everything is fresh and homemade and you can tell that it is made with love. This is our third week in a row coming to the Sunday brunch. You must try it.

Tracy R. - Albuquerque

My party of 3 just happened to be driving by Vibrance-raw and vegan, and stopped. The owner/Head Chef is a Raw Chef, by the way. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Our waitress was the Sous Chef filling in for the waitress who called in sick. The service was very nice. The food blew us away-especially the deserts. I have never had a raw cheese cake this delicious. I would eat here even if all they served was deserts.

The menu has plenty of variety. I chose the Vegetable Wrap and my friends chose the Asian Salad and the Kale Salad. Delicious! Everything is so fresh and well prepared.

They are only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Sunday is a buffet so you can try everything they have to offer. Hopefully soon they can open all week long.

I definately recommend Vibrance. So worth the stop.

Charlotte J. - Albuquerque

I have eaten at Vibrance twice and will continue going back. Their buffet is amazing with appetizers, soups, entrees, sides, and desserts - all raw. I loved everything from the croutons (I could eat a bowl of them straight) through the "cheesecake" desserts. They are very creative with their dishes. Nice atmosphere, nice people. Finally! a raw, mainly vegan restaurant in Albuquerque.

Pros: Creative, tasty dishes, Friendly staff, Fantastic variety

Rich Wildgurbe - Albuquerque

Come for the Sunday brunch buffet! The food is so amazing! If I could give it a ten star I would. I sampled everything and they are all super delicious! I say they under charge ($21 per person) for the amount of healthy and organic super food ingredients they use.

QiaoQiao Jade - Albuquerque

Went to first Sunday brunch and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of vegetarian cooking in Albuquerque. Vegetarian cooking this good you generally have to travel, like to Santa Fe or California. The brunch had a wide selection of dishes: Salads, soups, several types of breakfast quiches, an excellence cashew cheese spread, and deserts. Many dishes to choose from. Upon request, had french pressed coffee brought to your table. Service was excellent and friendly. Check Vibrance out and if you had a similar eating experience, get the word out, we need to support Vibrance to stay customer vibrant in Albuquerque.

Mark Pugsley - Albuquerque

Amazing healthy food that is delicious! Non vegetarians would no doubt love it. 

Diana Benson - Albuquerque

Easily the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I have been to. Highly recommended to anyone that is no tolerant to dairy/gluten as almost the entire menu is dairy free and gluten free. Gluten is just not present and dairy is currently exclusive to the green chili and goat cheese quiche (also amazing I might add!).  Kombucha is made fresh every day! Also, all breads and crackers they serve are in house and GF.  Be sure to try the turtle "cheese" cake as it could pass for really good cheesecake! If I didn't know, it would have been a mild but delicious treat!

Ronjo C. - Albuquerque

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  • Laurie Cubbin on 01/21/2017 15:33:23

    I can't believe you've been open for 6 months, and I came in for the first time yesterday! I had the vegetable soup, which was light and delicately seasoned yet quite filling and warm for a very cold day. The beet kraut is wonderful. I tasted my friends curried lentil on quinoa - I'm having that next time! Thank you.